5 Reasons to Choose Latitude for Team Building Fun!


You might have hit up Latitude in the past to spin some tricks or simply sat on the sidelines while the kids run amuck, but have you considered how awesome Latitude would be for a team building event?

With over an acre of aerial activities, plus function spaces with boardroom facilities and gourmet catering onsite, Latitude is your one-stop shop for taking your team to new heights – literally!

Latitude stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to team building activities and here’s why!


In order to smash a project out of the park, the entire team needs to pitch in and work together.  So, what happens when the team feels disconnected, doesn’t gel or doesn’t know each other well? Womp womp. Missed opportunity. The result will be mediocre when it had the potential to be amazing.

latitude team building activities
Latitude team building

It’s time to set your team loose on Latitude’s bouncy dodgeball court for some competitive fun and banter or set up a game on our basketball courts. First team to score 30 goals? Just ask us how you can make the most of our indoor team building activities to increase those bonding feels. The Latitude crew will always go above and beyond to ensure you get exactly what you want out of your team building workshop.

Team Bonding


Melissa from accounts makes sure you get paid every week and plays around on excel all day long, but did you know she could flip some seriously impressive tricks on the trampoline? Interacting with your colleagues in a totally unique environment like Latitude, where the team are challenged to collaborate and help out each other in new ways guarantees relationships will be formed and strengthened.

And next time you have a question for Melissa about tax or how many sick days you have up your sleeve, you might also have a chuckle together about the time she totally dominated on Latitude’s performance trampolines

Latitude Team Building Activities

Workplace Culture


The term workplace culture gets thrown around a lot, but take a minute to remind yourself exactly what is “workplace culture?”


Sidekicker says:

“At the very core, workplace culture is the characteristics and personalities that set the overall vibe of an organisation. It is the mix of your organisation’s leadership, values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviours and attitudes that contribute to the emotional and relational environment of your workplace.”


A team building event at Latitude will go a long way to improving your workplace culture! It might sound basic but even just locking in a team building event and distributing the invitation demonstrates to the team that management cares about the company’s culture. Hosting your team building event offsite at Latitude (with not just boardroom facilities but wicked aerial activities too) communicates to your team that you are an energetic and active bunch, you don’t take yourselves too seriously and you’ll give anything a go. That’s a workplace most people want to be a part of!


"Hosting your team building event at a place like Latitude communicates to your team that you are an energetic and active bunch, you don't take yourselves too seriously and you'll give anything a go. That's a workplace most people want to be a part of!"

Trust Exercises


If you want to take your team building adventure to new heights (literally), chat to us about the trust exercises we have designed especially for corporate team building events. How about challenging the group to a lap of our sky-high obstacle course SkyWalk… blindfolded? If you’re looking for the ultimate team building exercise, it doesn’t get more on point than this.

Divide your team into pairs and have one staff member lead and coach the blindfolded person around the course giving them instructions on where to step next. It’ll test the leader’s communication skills and the follower will learn to let go and trust their colleague – when you’re way up there, you’ve got no choice but to listen and trust that your co-worker will get you there. Love this idea? Then you’ll also love our “Amazing Race” challenge too!


Team Performance


“According to Virgin Pulse's Labor of Love Report, nearly 40 percent of survey respondents named their co-workers as the top reason they love working for their company, with 66 percent saying those positive relationships increased their productivity and 55 percent saying they helped mitigate their on-the-job stress levels.” – Huffington Post.

It’s plain and simple, workplaces that nurture team relationships results in less stress and increased productivity. Getting your team out of the office and active on our HUGE activity floor provides instant stress release for all ages and a place where you’ll make lasting memories with your co-workers.

Plus, two words for you: air bag. Yep, we have a ginormous air bag, which you can launch into from our interconnected trampolines. You’ll feel like you’ve landed on a fluffy cloud where all your stresses just float away.

Latitude Team Building Exercises

A team building event at Latitude will give your team a chance to collaborate, bond, improve workplace culture, boost team performance and increase trust throughout the workplace. Latitude has got you covered when it comes to throwing an awesome team building event.


For more info, check out our team events page here

Or chat to the Latitude crew directly about your next team event.