6 Hacks for an Epic School Hols

School Holidays Hacks 

And we’re here again– school holidays! Parents, how we feeling about this? Are we ready?


Kids love the school holidays, right? Two weeks off with no alarm clocks, no teachers, and no worries! Ahh, to be a kid again… But us parents, on the other hand, need to find a million and one ways to keep our offspring from climbing up the walls and turning the house upside down…

latitude school holidays

These holidays bring the brood into Latitude to climb our walls instead of yours and let them flip themselves upside down and round and round on 100s of state-of-the-art trampolines.


With rock climbing that will challenge and thrill kids, trampolines to bounce on ‘til they’re all bounced out, obstacle courses that’ll make your knees shake when you look down and so much more, Latitude is a hotspot for the school hols.


And because we have a tonne of fun to offer, we become the cool, popular kid during the school hols. Sessions are buzzing with kids bouncing, climbing and flying about making the most of their time off. The vibe is electric.

latitude school holidays

6 Holiday Hacks That'll Make Your Visit Even More Epic!!!

To ensure your session is off-the-charts awesome during our busy period, we have some insider holiday hacks to remember when you come to party with us over the school holidays!


  1. School hols sessions sell like Beyonce tickets, so book online now to avoid missing out! “If you like it, then you shoulda put a booking on it…” Gosh Mums are so embarrassing, aren’t they?!
  2. Don't forget your sporty closed-toe shoes for climbing.
  3. Be an early bird! Arrive 30 mins before your session starts. 
  4. Spectators spectate free. So parents, guardian angels, awesome aunties, grandparents etc, you don’t need to make a booking for yourself unless you want to get out there and spin some tricks on the activity floor too! 
  5. Parking can be limited; however you can find spots in surrounding streets – just be sure to check the street signs. For our Perth crew, the Edgewater Station is only 100m away, so we encourage you to train it in.
  6. Last but not least, be cool guys! Dress up like a ballerina, rockstar or dinosaur just coz we dig that kind of stuff. And keep your eye out for our awesome social media captains taking pics of the action to share on our socials!
latitude school holidays

Follow all of these tips to have a flying good time over the school holidays.

latitude school holidays