Get ready to party at Latitude

LOL Surprise Party!

How to throw an epic themed kids birthday party at Latitude!



When superstar mumma Tara Legan threw a birthday party for her daughter at Latitude Adelaide, we couldn’t believe the transformation she made to their private party room. Within 20 minutes it went from a blank canvas to a LOL Surprise! party haven thanks to Tara’s creative prowess. We sat down for a quick chat with Tara to find out how you too can throw an epic themed kids party at Latitude!


How many kids attended the party: 12

Birthday girl’s name: Natalia

Birthday girl’s age: 6

Why did you decided to celebrate your child’s birthday at Latitude? Had you visited us before?

We attended a birthday last year and since then we have made regular visits. The kids really enjoy themselves.


We loved your LOL Surprise themed party! Where did you source all of the decorations from?

Thank you, I had so much fun getting it ready for the big day. Most supplies were bought online. You can find printable chocolate wrappers and party bag tags to suit your theme, and I get mine printed at Officeworks. Chocolates to fit these wrappers were bought from Aldi. They make great party favours! The LOL balloons I bought from Etsy, with the rose gold number 6 being from Spotlight, who also have a great range of partyware. 


And you made the birthday girl’s outfit! How did you do this?

I did. So the tutus and tutu table skirt are some of many handmade pretties I make and sell through a small handmade business I run on social media called, Two Little Pixies. I don't sell the personalised tees, but they are super easy to make. I bought the white t-shirts from Best & Less and Iron-ons through Ebay.

Your LOL Surprise cake looked delicious! Where did you get this from?

Cakes by Kylee, hands down one of the best. And it was so delicious!


On Instagram you said that you decorated the party room in a quick 20 minutes! That’s impressive. For other parents who would like to throw a themed party at Latitude, what are all the steps, party planning elements and decorations they need to remember?

If you're going to buy party decorations online, depending on the location, I like to start slowly getting little bits and pieces. Sometimes up to two months before the party. Always make sure you have a checklist, so you can cross things off as you go (we're human, we do forget). I always make sure I have my suitcase (yes, suitcase) handy and packed with all tableware, cake trays, party bags etc the night before so it's all ready to go.


Aside from the LOL Surprise! theme, what other party themes do you suggest for parents?

Whatever your child is into. I tend to get away with the themes I want for them for the first couple of years, haha. We'll be aiming for a mermaid theme for our littlest Miss. I don’t think she'll mind.


Which activity did the kids love most at Latitude?

We chose trampoline only, and out of the two activities I believe dodgeball was the favourite.

As a parent, was there a highlight of the day for you?

The smile on my daughter's face is always the highlight for me. I can tell she had the best day!


Can you tell us about your Latitude party leader and how they helped make the day enjoyable for you?

The party host and staff overall were very helpful on the day and so polite. It really means a lot to any parent having a party at a venue where the staff are focused on making the party enjoyable and run smoothly as possible, it does take stress off. A venue where staff have a positive attitude always goes a long way. We were very happy. 



Thanks so much to Tegan for sharing your party secrets with us today and happy birthday to Natalia!