Beyond being a hive of energy, adrenaline and non-stop aerial fun, Latitude embodies inclusion, friendship and stepping outside your comfort zone.  When planning our first birthday celebrations we wanted to do something for the community that reflected this spirit and we couldn’t have been more excited to come across the Buddy Bench program in our research activities. 

Buddy Benches are all about inclusion and fostering a sense of friendship.  They are installed somewhere prominent in the school yard and kids who are looking to make new friends or broaden their friendship group will hang out at the Buddy Bench.  As schools make the Buddy Bench part of their culture it becomes a great focal point in the school community and helps to reduce isolation and build a real sense of mateship in the schoolyard.  

The Latitude Adelaide team donated three Buddy Benches during Term 2, 2017 to Hillcrest Primary School, Marryatville Primary School and St Francis Xavier School.  These schools have been wonderful partners of Latitude over our first year and have done an amazing job supporting the Buddy Bench program as our first group of partner schools.  Check out the photos below.

Thanks to our partner schools and all the kids that have made the project such a great success – Bounce, Climb, Fly and now Hangout! (at the Buddy Bench).  

We look forward to rolling this program out further in the second half of 2017.