Our guide to choosing your birthday party activity!


It’s my party….and I’ll bounce, fly, climb if I want to!

Ever found yourself marvelling at the differences between you and your friends or siblings, or at the unique traits of each of your children? We all come into the world with our own unrivalled personalities and dispositions which then lead to different abilities, confidence levels and overall interests. Not to mention, we’re all of different builds, heights and varying ages. It’s being different that makes us all so uniquely awesome! If we were all the same, life would be pretty boring wouldn’t it?!


With all of this in mind, we put our heads together and came up with our kid’s party packages. There couldn’t possibly be a party to fit everyone…why should there be? We wanted to offer choices – because we are the choices we make, right?! By offering different activities, different catering options, different extras (the little things that you may want to make a BIG difference) we are happy knowing that each birthday superstar is choosing their own adventure!


So, here’s a cheat sheet that should help match your party type with your birthday kid, keeping in mind their age and height. Rest assured though, knowing whatever party you go for, you’re choosing a party to remember. Oh, and did we mention that all our parties feature your chosen activity, PLUS 2 bouncing activities? The sky really is the limit!




Conquer the climb

Our dynamic climbing zone is the ultimate choice for kids that like to scale the skies with over 180m of pure climbing exhilaration! Maybe they have an active and adventurous temperament and like to conquer goals systematically, or maybe they’re the fun-loving type who willingly takes on new things without thinking about it too much – regardless, they’ll be in for a real thrill with 12 unique rock-climbing walls and a down-rush bungee tower! And for the competitive party-goer, watch as they race their mates to the top of our infamous pink poles. Whatever their personality type, they’ll definitely enjoy an indoor rock-climbing experience like they’ve never experienced before!



Master the obstacle course

Don’t look down. Actually, maybe you should! Paying attention to your feet may help put them in the right place throughout this awe-inspiring course high above the activity floor action. Whether your kid is determined or adventurous, or thoughtful, systematic and ready to problem solve, our Sky-High obstacle course parties are designed to challenge your courage (mind over matter) and give the best view over the action. We love observing how different kids choose to take on the thrilling challenges…climbing, carefully tightrope-walking and even swinging through our 8m above ground course! Get ready to get creative!



Ace The Grid

First and foremost, do you measure up?! That’s right, ONLY kids over 125cm are eligible to come to this party! In fact, The Grid is best suited for kids 7-8 years or more. The next question you need to ask is, how is your A-game?! The Grid party is for the birthday kid who is determined, with a strong will and an active and competitive temperament. Definitely not for the faint of heart, you’ll need to give it everything you’ve got to smash through physical and mental challenges that include a Spider-Wall, a Warped Wall, a tight-rope while you vault, spring, jump, run and swing your way to the very end….if you dare.



Ready, set…bounce

For the lovers of fun, and those who take their inspiration from the skies, bouncing is definitely one of our most user friendly and accessible activities – that’s why we include some bouncing in every party!  Kids over 110 cm (and 5 yrs of age) get to enjoy our HUGE dynamic space featuring 100+ trampolines, a giant airbag & even dodgeball or basketball with a twist (hello bouncy floor)! And for those particularly passionate about the trampolines, we do give the opportunity to have a trampoline only party where you’ll enjoy 3 bouncing activities chosen by your host.


So, what is it about bouncing that leaves you feeling so exhilarated and energised?  It’s not just the fact that you’re having a good time that makes you smile, but there is no doubt that this type of exercise increases your body’s levels of the ‘happy hormone’ dopamine.  Now, if that’s not the ideal state for partying, then we don’t know what is! 



Hey shorty, it’s your birthday!

Why should the little tackers miss out on all the action?! We’ve designed a mini version of the big kid’s area for the vertically challenged 😆 (also known as under 5s or the under 110cm variety 😂). Our dedicated, supersized soft play area is perfect for building their confidence as they jump, climb*, slide, land safely and basically have the time of their lives. It’s a space where different personalities shine - the thrill seekers show their true colours, while the careful and risk averse start to push new boundaries….we love it!




No matter what their personality type, their stature, or their confidence level, we’ve got the ultimate party for them. Whatever the chosen party, we’ll throw in some extra trampoline action (so no one misses out), because that’s just how we roll! Whether they’re mad for jumping, climbing, taking on the height of the obstacle course or being a ninja, we’ll deliver high intensity action led by a dedicated superstar host, 100% fun & their favourite party food!

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*Our Adelaide venue does not feature a Kids Zone Climbing wall