What They Said About the Big Kids Takeover Bash

The Big Bash!

We recently did something that has never been done before in Latitude history: we let the big kids (we’re talking about the 18+ adults) completely takeover Latitude for an adults-only night in Aug.

latitude's big kids takeover bash

Over the years (or the past 6 months for our newly opened Latitude Perth) we have received plenty of love from adults pleasantly surprised by how much fun they have at Latitude. Bouncing, climbing and flying unlocks your inner child (no matter your age) and you can’t help but have yourself a good ol’ time. 


At first sight, you might think our ginormous aerial playground is just for the littlies, but it’s definitely not the case. Latitude for ‘big kids’ too and we wanted to throw a party to celebrate our 18+ crew and give them an excuse to go wild!


The first time is always a little nerve-wracking and we’ve got to say we were a little nervous too, but the turn out and response has been epic. Don’t take our word for it though, instead take a couple of minutes to read what our 18+ party animals thought of the inaugural Big Kids Takeover Bash!

latitude's big kids takeover bash

Play & Go Adelaide

Hitting up Latitude with a bunch of mates on a Saturday night is the very definition of breaking the mould and doing something different with your friends. Our friends at Play & Go had this to say about their night out at the big bash:


"Getting ready for a Saturday night out without the kids usually involves a little bit of makeup, some fancy shoes and possibly some panadol on standby for the morning. Getting ready for the 'big kids takeover' at Latitude, however, was all about activewear, headbands, trainers and some Voltaren rapid on standby."

And this is where it gets even more interesting…

"Having watched the kids have a blast at Latitude, it's easy to think that there's not much to it, but let's make something clear - it's harder than it looks…. and higher than it looks."

Correct! You’ll no doubt have a new appreciation for your child’s bravery next time they breeze through the SkyWalk obstacle course. It’s a walk in the park, until you give it a go yourself!


For Play & Go’s full review of the Big Bash, click here.

latitude's big kids takeover bash

Instagram Star @PerthDad

Matt (aka @PerthDad) is the patriarch of a family of 6, but for one night only, he left the brood behind so he could come out and spin some tricks on the Latitude activity floor.  


"Had the best time at Latitude for the 18+ Big Kids Takeover Bash! I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into tonight, but it turned out to be heaps of fun for all types of fitness levels! I had a go at everything from flipping on trampolines into soft cushions, rock climbing, bungee, ninja warrior course, sky walking, dunking basketball rings & more!"

He’s not done yet…

"Gonna be sore in the morning but hell it was worth it… so hope they do another one. The energy & vibe of the place was amazing and the encouragement from complete strangers made you feel like you're all in it together!"

Penny Butler, Facebook Review

Penny Butler, Facebook Review

"Just finished at the big kids bash night out. What a great event that was! It was so much fun to be able to be a kid again. The food was fantastic and it was such a well-run event. Hope you do more of these in the future… well done!"

The people have spoken… they want another Big Bash and we want to host another Big Bash so that’s that....


The Big Bash
Sat 27 Oct, 2018
7pm - 10pm 
All venues - Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth. 

Grab your tickets now!

latitude's big kids takeover bash