5 Reasons to Rock On at Latitude These School Holidays

5 Reasons to Rock On at Latitude These School Holidays


Term one is just about done and dusted, and even though we (the parents) have put in a monster effort packing lunches on the daily, we’ve ferried around the brood to their after-school practises and everything else in between… there’s just one more small challenge on our horizon: how are we going to entertain our little energiser bunnies over the school holidays? 

Here at Latitude, we’ve been busily preparing for the break and are on deck to entertain (aka wear out) the kids with a range of seriously wicked, adrenaline pumping kids activities and events.

Let’s dive in, here’s 5 reasons to rock on at Latitude these school holidays:



Bounce, Climb and Fly HIGH!


“Muuuum, daaaad… I’m bored.” Isn’t this the sentence we never want to hear from our kids? Well, it’s safe to say we have never heard these words come out of the kids’ mouths at Latitude. 

While some centres just offer trampoline activities, we go full throttle with dodgeball and basketball arenas, clip-on climbing walls, high performance trampolines and wall-running zones and more, so the kids can run themselves ragged going from one awesome attraction to the next without a moment to even think about being bored.


We’ve Got the Little Latituders Covered


‘The smaller you are, the bigger the adventure’ - that’s our Latitude attitude. Our Kids Zone is designed especially for the little ones from 18 months to 5 years, so we’ve got all the whole family covered these school holidays.



Parents Can Coffee and Chill

It’s not called school ‘holidays’ for no reason. Parents and kids can chill and catch their breath in our Basecamp café and enjoy delicious meals, snacks and treats.


Boing, Boing… We’re Open All Easter


Give the kids an Easter to remember at Latitude. Bounce, climb and fly on Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday - we just don’t stop! We’ve got some special Easter surprises going down at each of our centres, so don’t miss out.


Longer Opening Hours for the Early Birds


Most kids are early risers and want to get up and go from the crack of dawn, so we’re catering to the early birds by opening an hour earlier every single day over the school holidays. Rock on at Latitude from 9am daily.