As we learn to live with COVID, our team remain 100% dedicated to providing all customers with a COVID-safe experience that doesn’t compromise on the much-loved action, thrills and enjoyment of a Latitude session.



With over 3000sqm of activity floor, our venues are HUGE open spaces with high ceilings and excellent ventilation. Latitude has ample space for customers to comfortably spread out and focus on the thrills Latitude has to offer, whilst we focus on keeping you safe.

 Our current safety measures in-venue include:

  • A designated COVID Marshal is on-hand to ensure we keep you and our crew safe and follow all current Government regulations.
  • Our cleaning crew are constantly on the move to disinfect surfaces in high traffic areas throughout your session.
  • Venue capacity has been reduced at every session.
  • Customers and crew are encouraged to keep a safe distance. Our usual high fives will be replaced with big smiles and virtual high fives.
  • Hand sanitisers are distributed throughout the venue for customers and crew to use regularly before/after touching the equipment.
  • After closing time, our venues undergo a deep clean to be ready for the next day of play.



Customers can book with confidence in the knowledge that all bookings can be amended online without penalty.


General Session Bookings:

  • To amend your booking, head to, press the BOOK NOW button and scroll down to AMEND EXISTING BOOKING.
  • Using your booking number, you can pull up your booking and amend for a date up to 12 months in the future.


Birthday Party Bookings:

  • If COVID affects your party plans, our Party Promise guarantees full flexibility on your booking.
  • If you would like to talk to our team regarding a party or event booking, please give us a call on 1300 123 528.



VACCINATION STATUS: It is a Victorian Government requirement that all customers aged 18 years and over are FULLY VACCINATED in order to enter Latitude. Upon arrival, all customers 18 years or older will be asked to check in via the QR code and show proof of vaccination to our staff. I.D is also required to ensure your information is correct. Medical exemptions require valid proof to be shown on arrival.

Customers that only have a single dose or are unvaccinated and over 18 years old, are not able to attend their session. If you have already booked, you can easily amend your booking here to a later date once your vaccination status has changed.

 Valid proof of vaccination includes:

  • COVID-19 Digital Certificate
    • Uploaded via your phone wallet
    • Uploaded via the Services Victoria app
  • Australian Immunisation History statement
  • Printed version of your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

 No other documents will be accepted as proof of vaccination status.


MASKS: Face masks are no longer required to be worn by customers while in venue. 


SPECTATORS: Spectators are not required to have a ticket to enter Latitude. You only need a ticket if you wish to join in on the activities.