Reach new heights and scale the epic Latitude rock climbing wall.

Enjoy hours of adrenaline fuelled fun! Master the climb and race your way to the top of over 180 meters of climbing wall.

Race Up our Rock Climbing Wall

How high can you go?

Tackle our 14 unique sky high climbing challenges. Harness up, climb natural looking rock walls, crazy colourful adventure walls, netting walls and climbing spirals. The experience will leave you exhilarated, challenged and wanting more!

Face Off on the Transparent Indoor Climbing Wall

Grab a mate and race to new heights on our transparent climbing wall.

An adrenaline pumping face off, with the Latitude transparent climbing wall, you will be face to face with your competitor as you climb your way to victory!

Go Sky High!

Standing 8 meters in the air, the Latitude Sky High Climbing Wall it is not for the faint hearted!

Combining obstacles and thrilling challenges the obstacle course includes, monkey swinging, tightrope walking and climbing all while safely harnessed.