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Calling all parkour, free running and ninja enthusiasts! Have you ever sat back watching Ninja Warrior on TV thinking, “bring it on, I can do that!” Well at Latitude you can put your money where your mouth is. Our ninja-parkour, super-tough, obstacle course is designed to put your focus, problem-solving, strength and downright courage to the ultimate test.

Jump, vault, spring, swing and free run your way to victory! Will you conquer The Grid or will The Grid crush you?!


What’s The Grid?

You’ll need to give it everything you've got to smash through this mind-boggling, body-bending Grid.

  • Bouldering - Traverse the bouldering without the support of ropes or harnesses. Say what?
  • Spider-Wall - Channel your inner Spider-Man as you crawl and hop through parallel perspex walls.
  • Tight-Rope - You’ll need razor-sharp focus and footwork if you want to win this tight-rope war!
  • Warped Wall - The pièce de résistance. There are 3 tiers, so we’re all in with a chance to conquer the Warped Walls.
  • Zip-Line - After putting you through the full works, the zip line is the reward for all your hard work. Yeeew!

The Grid is ideal for kids 7/8 years+. For safety reasons, customers must be 125cm and over to play on The Grid. 

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